Samsung S9, S9+ video presentation

Leaked Samsung S9 and S9+ features

The all new Samsung S9 and S9+ just leaked for a little while on Youtube, and the internet exploded, in the video presentation we can see that the S9 has just one camera and the S9+ has two cameras capable of future AR (augmented reality) apps, both of them have the fingerprint sensor under the camera module.

Samsung put emphasis on its key features:

Knox 3.1 with updates over the air for the professionals like lawyers and graphic designers, etc. The phone can be unlocked by fingerprint (which now has the sensor conveniently placed on the back for easy access) and by scanning your iris for enhanced security, using biometric authentication.

Samsung Dex for the smart geeks that just want the office in their pockets, and use the phone screen as a touch pad, here personally I would have preferred if they added a projector that can cast a keyboard on your desk, for an added utility and pizzazz. 🙂

IP68 prevents water from getting inside your device making it usable under any weather.




Source. www.youtube.com all credits to Samsung USA.

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