Fitbit Versa smartwatch just got released

Fitbit Versa the new Pebble from Fitbit

With the Easter just around the corner Fitbit just released Versa the all new smartwatch capable of wallet free payments only for the Versa Special Edition*, up to 4 days battery life, 24/7 pulse rate tracking, automatic sleep detection and tracking, quick replies for android users and last but not least Deezer Global Offline Music (also included on the Ionic).

Versa was launched with Fitbit OS 2.0, it also has water resistance up to 50m so you will be able to track your swimming laps and automatic exercise selection and tracking and the new and improved feature is the Tracking of Women Cycle.

From my point of view the Versa is a similar look between the Sony SW2 smartwatch and Pebble Time 🙂 but with improved apps and the battery life and exercise tracking of Fibit, if I may say this is the smartwatch of the year!


The price is around 199 USD in USA and around 199 Euro in the European region available starting April 2018!


Compatible devices in the link.

Source: Credits to Fitbit

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