Spotify in Romania

Is it worth it after testing Google Music and Apple Music will find out in the article bellow

Spotify was released a few days ago in Romania, as a user of an LG V20 Android phone i was amazed of the clarity and quality of the music even for the free account, curently using for the initial testing of the app.

For now I really enjoy that you can move playing on the laptop straight to your phone instantly just from where you left off, the initial setup was damn fast and clean, the preview music selection preferences was fast clean and easy. As a first use i was able to listen to 2 song afther that I had to listen to 2 commercial one for Vodafone and one for McDonald’s for a few seconds and then the music continued.


Article in use and will suffer furture edits as i test the app.

Till then you can downlod the Spotify app for IOS, Android and Windows from the official site.

You can use Spotify in Discord and listen the same song with your mates,  continue where you left off from the phone to your pc and back with just a push of a button.

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