Release date for Battle for Azeroth – World of Warcraft

What team are you Horde or Alliance?

We just got the pre-purchase version of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and we can’t be more excited.
We are going back to the conflict that began it all!

Two new continents await us, new allies and also game modes that will have you wanting more, or kick in a bit of classic Warcraft nostalgia.
Lets showcase a few features we are excited about.
The new level cap has been raised to 120 and each faction will have a special interactive zone for leveling up.
Progression will no longer rely on artifact weapons but on necklaces that rank up their power as you progress through the game.
There are two new available game types: – Island Expeditions where you either fight versus a team of players or versus the new AI implemented by Blizzard that promises to deliver a unique gameplay, having that it can smartly strategize against you. Warfronts are directly inspired by Warcraft III. 20 players work cooperatively to build a base, upgrade, form toops and then charge into battle. This game mode isn’t PVP from what we know now, but versus AI. Still its a nice addition for those die hard Warcraft fans.
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will feature 10 new dungeons that will all be available after leveling up. Mythic + is coming back also with an improved UI.
Battlegrounds will come with fun modes each week. We predict this will bring more PVP shy people into this game mode. PVP servers will be scrapped altogether in favour of a new system that requires you to opt in to world PVP.
Another exciting piece of information is that Vanilla servers will now be available so you can comfortably stroll back on memory lane.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is expected to be released 14 August 2018.

Each faction has 3 new playable races, which are variations of the existing ones. On prepurchaseing you will get a level 110 boost, unlock allied races. Added in the digital deluxe you will recieve a mount specific to your faction, Tottle, the baby Tortollan pet, a Hearthstone card back, StarCraft II sprays, Heroes of the Storm Primal Flamesaber mounts, Overwatch voice lines, emotes, sprays, and icons


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