Lenovo Flex 5G – First always connected 5G Laptop

Is a 5G PC worth your bucks?

The Lenovo Flex 5G is a laptop pc with an ARM bassed Snapdragon Qualcomm Qual 8CX that is optimesed for faster operation, without a Fan (like the Samsung Galaxy Book), coupled with a 68WHr battery.

It has support for mmWave that is best used in an laptop pc that usually stays in one place, unlike a phone that you move around, and the signal strugles to be precise and stable, mmWave is optimal for outside use because is unable to penetrate even a thick glass window.

The Palmrest is covered in soft touch, we have a fingerprint reader, a windows hello camera also used for smart, safe and fast login.

The speakers have Dolby Atmos tunning but with very little to no power, there is a hardware switch for turning off the wireless communication.

There is still the issue with the Arm Bassed Windows for the lack of apps, even the so used Adobe Photoshop, you can use only the webapps, but for an pc at this price our opinion is that this pc is a great implementation for an always connected PC, but not the perfect companion at this price range.

Users can enjoy speeds for up yo 4GB/second (in the zones with coverage), they can download large files and movies in seconds, and many more with up to 24 hours of battery life with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8CX Compute Platform.

The weight is around 1.35 Kg, with a FHD screen.

The motto of this device is:”Yoga 5G – Smarter say bye bye to wi-fi”


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