First Healthcare-Grade Tablet from Zebra

ET4x-HC series Zebra Tablet

Zebra just released their first healthcare-grade tablet series, the ET4x-HC with Android based OS. The series has advanced medical-grade housing that can withstand constant disinfecting for a healhier hospital/clinic environment with the healthcare of the patients in mind.

On the 10-inch display the educational and food service apps are useful for patients but also for the nurses that want to read and/or add notes to the Electronic Health Records of the patiens, or reading a detailed photo or X-ray. For the patients there is a dedicated emergency alert button in case of emergency or additional help needed.


The tablet has a 13 megapixel rear facing ultra high resolution camera and an integrated 2D enterprise-class scanner for barcode reading.


In terms of specifications the tablet has Wi-Fi 6, 5G and citizens broadband radio services (CBRS), ensuring fast connectivity inside or outside the clinic/hospital area.

The tablet can be mounted on VESA support with the special VESA mount adapters, in order to be mounted on the bedside of patients or on a wheelchair.

The tablet will be available for purchase for up to 3 years and have 6 years of support, and will be assisted by the included software tools Zebra Mobility DNA that improve communications, optimize workflows and usability, and with the help of StageNow the IT team can deploy new configurations in seconds to the entire fleet.


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