Lenovo Glasses T1 – consumer AR monitor for your eyes only

Smart monitor - your eyes only

Lenovo Glasses T1 is Lenovo’s view of a portable smart USB C monitor that fit in a pair of glasses. Your private screen for consuming content on the go or in the office but content for your eyes only.

The glasses connect to a Motorola Android Smartphone or Lenovo PC with Windows 11 or even an iPhone, iPad or macOS devices making it the first AR glasses from Lenovo available to the average consumer. The glasses are using a micro-OLED display with wide color gamut, 10,000:1 contrast, 1920×1080 pixels per eye. The glasses are also TÜV-certified for low blue light and flicker reduction, 60 Hz refresh rate and a 38-degree field of view.

They come with high fidelity open-ear design speakers but without sensors or cameras like the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 announced in 2021.

Source: lenovo.com

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