Lenovo X1 Fold 16

16.3 inches of foldable greatness

X1 Fold was the first foldable PC in 2020 from Lenovo, after a pandemic, two years later in August of 2022 Lenovo comes with the X1 Fold 16.

X1 Fold 16 Features


  • Is Intel Evo Platform certified, has fast charging and remarkable responsiveness (Intel Evo devices should be on and ready in less than a second).
  • It offers the new Intel Visual Sensing Controller that improves security and makes it more power efficient with the help of Intel AI and features like Adaptive Dimming, Lock on Leave and Wake on Face.
  • the fold is available with 8, 16 or 32 GB memory for a more powerful and customizable PC;
  • Up to Intel vPro, Evo Design with 12th Gen Intel Core i7 featuring new hybrid core tehcnology;


  • X1 Fold 16 has a 16.3 inch with 600 nit HDR display that gives it 8.6 mm in thickness when unfolded.


  • Optional full-sized backlit Bluetooth keyboard with fingerprint reader, signature trackpoint and additional languages, it can attach magnetically to the bottom half of the display (under it are the batteries), to use it as a 12 inch laptop.
  • The PC has Intel Wi-Fi 6E and optional 5G for always connected people;
  • Starting at 2.8 ponds and with one USB-C and 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports and a 64Whr battery giving you up to 11 hours of use;
  • Optional Pen now has magnetic attachments and up to 400 days of battery life with 3 customizable buttons;
  • Audio excellence with spatial stereo sound in all positions with next-level Dolby Atmos and Dolby Voice for great meeting on Microsoft Teams or just great movie nights in the tent on the beach;
  • 4 modes for excellent productivity: Portrait, Clamshell, Landscape/Tablet, Book;

In Portrait mode ussers can split the sceen horizontally to create 2 12 inches panels for incresed productivity;

In Clamshell mode you can have the virtual keyboard on the bottom part and use the other half to work, just perfect for working in tight spaces as airplane, or back seat of a car;

In Landscape mode the user will have great use for viewing video presentations or photo editing on the big and nice 16.6 inch display, or just sign the important contract with the customer, and with the optional keyboard connected you can view the full excel sheet for that end of the month period or end of quarter;

In Book mode the device will mimic the feel of a book with page turning motions ideal for reading books on a big screen, especially for elderly people.


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