HPE Alletra 5000 series

HPE Alletra cloud-native data infrastructure family

HPE Alletra 5000 series is ideal for VM farms, general purpose workloads, test and dev, also for backup and DR.

HPE Alletra 5000 will deliver cloud operational agility with:

– Simplified Deployment;

– Intent Based Provisioning;

– Invisible Upgrades;

– Managed from anywhere

HPE Alletra 5000 is available in 3 models:

HPE Alletra 5010, HPE Alletra 5030 and HPE Alletra 5050.

HPE Alletra 5010 is the entry configuration that offers from 42TB up to 1.2 PB RAW at the HPE Alletra 5050, and the 5030 and 5050 offers up to 25% Higher Performance compared to the previous HPE nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays.

Source: HPE

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