Navigation on your wrist with Huawei Watch 3/3 Pro

A long dream of Sci-Fi fans is the smartwatch and his functionality. James Bond series showed us watches with bombs inside, laser and other nice things to have. Well Huawei thought about this and they are bringing Navigation with Petal Maps native on Huawei Watch 3/3 Pro thanks to the latest version update of HarmonyOS.

The gadgets have ethernet connection and the user would be able to walk through the city and have directions directly on his wrist without the need of a phone, we hope that in the future the watch has the option for offline maps (just like the Samsung Gear S via Here Maps).

The watch is a direct reaponse to Samsung s latest smartwatch and its ability to navigate without a phone with Google Maps support or the same function presented above on the Pixel Watch, or navigation with Apple Maps on Apple Watch.

So which one do you preffer? Petal Maps, Google Maps, Apple Maps? Or just Here Maps on all 3 platforms.

Source via HuaweiCentral

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