Apple Vision Pro

The new augmented reality with special audio from Apple is called Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro introduces as to spatial computing.

You can place apps in space.

Vision Pro relies solely on your eyes, voice, and hands.

Up to 100 games to play via Arcade on Vision Pro with controller support, even bluetooth PS5 controller.

Disney partnership with Apple for the Vision Pro for bringing a new immersive view of the content.

Apple partenered also with Zeiss for a new magnetic type of lens that attaches to the Vision Pro so they will replace your glasses.

23 milion pixels across 2 oled screens enables video content to be displayed in true 4K.

Hardware wise it has an M2 chip for processing/computing as a stand alone device and R1 chip for the sensors, microphones and cammeras for real-time tracking.

Text input can be made via the floating in-air keyboard and/or pairing a keyboard via Bluetooth or just by voice, maybe the gaming controller can be used for text input just like on a Play Station or Xbox.

The device will be available starting 2024 at the cost of USD 3500.

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