iPhone 15 – cable lineup

So as you already heard Apple was forced by the EU to change the port of their phones from Lightning to USB Type C (type C is as an .mkv file, a containter, in this case just a port not a protocol), so that is why we have USB Type C with different standards.

In the box with the phone you ll get a braided 1 m USB C to USB C Cable, an iPad Pro Cable but braided.

The Pro version of the iPhone, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max get a new chip inside and support for up to 10 GBs when connected to a capable PC or Mac with an M processor. For that, they need to buy an Apple 70 bucks cable (thunderbolt 4) or just another cable that supports a minimum of 10 GB speeds for data transfer, and up to 60/100 watts of power.

For the now legacy devices not all of them unfortunately, users will have the option to use the – not so cheap, not in the package, transition cable USB Type C to Lightning adapter. But I am sure that a lot of you will not use this piece of crap, only if it s a must. For charging purposes you can use an Anker or Ikea cable for just 3-5 bucks, or another type C cable laying around the desk, or house.

Apple offers an optional 20W power brick adapter, that can be used with the USB Type C cable delivered with their new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Usually, this adapter is also recommended for use when you charge with the Magsafe charging plate.

Users can opt in for the optional 35W, double port USB Type C power brick to charge 2 devices at a time, for example iPhone and headphones, or iPhone and Apple Watch.

Source: Apple.com

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