Digital Key for your car via CCC in the 2019/2020

Open your car with your Apple Watch

The big car manufacturares (including Audi, BMW, General Motors, HYUNDAI) in colaboration with NXP, Qualcomm and Gemalto and top notch mobile companies
like Apple, Samsung, LG Electronics just to name a few, joined in the newly named Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) delivering to the car industry
an all in one solutions to unloking your car/bike via your smart device, phone or smartwatch as a replace for your car key.

The new update 2.0 is targeted for completion in the Q1 of 2019 will let the user open the car just with the iphone or let you share your car acces
via an app, let your best friend lend the car for the weekend while you are abroad, similar to Amazon and Volvo in car delivery but with full acces
to the car.

NXP: “Smart devices are helping to facilitate new mobility. The CCC brings leading smart device and vehicle OEMs together, to elevate secure vehicle access to the next level,” said Rainer Lutz, Director Digital Key & NFC at NXP Semiconductors. “I am excited that proven NFC technology, in combination with secure elements, are the building blocks to achieve that vision.”

Volkswagen: “VW has supported and contributed to Digital Key Standardization activity of CCC from the first day. We’re excited to see the fast specification development and now the release of Version 1. We’re proud to provide the innovative Digital Key Service for our customers to use our cars soon. VW is looking forward to cooperate with other CCC members to continue on development and standardization of Version 2 to even reach more markets and customers.”


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