Volkswagen did it again – a quarter milion Atlas SUVs recalled due to issue with airbags and brakes

So the story begins in 2019 when Autoworld Cluj-Napoca VAG dealer delivered a VW Polo SH without brakes, without handbrakes and with a recall for seatbelts and they called to fix all the issues after one week of delivering the car and after 800 miles around the country, GG, not. You risked my life, my passengers life and of others because you did not check the car before selling it.

Now in 2022 VW did it again, after dieselgate now in the USA it recalls over half a million Atlas SUVs due to issues regarding airbags and brakes, exactly what you need to avoid a crash or even death. The recall action is for the Atlas SUV and Atlas Cross Sport SUV in USA and Canada.

The recall is regarding the cars from 2019 to 2023 models, VAG will notify owners and dealers by mail on 10th may 2022, why not now?! We do not know…

They say that there is an issue with the cables and that woul result in a delayed airbag deployment, so after the crash, you die then the airbag is deployed, so nice…the info is corelated with a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The issue is odd and extremly dangerous because VW doesnt have a solution/fix for the airbag deployment problem and most probably will offer a reimbursment for recalled vehicles.

For now owners can check the NHTSA website to see if their VIN car is on the list.

Photo credit: VW USA

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